My Place is the result of a dream. We dreamt for everyone who visits us to feel like they found their place on Earth. Clocks are nonexistant here, you do not have to hurry anywhere anymore... it is your time... time to take a deep breath. In the heart of our beloved Zawady we want to be an anchor, a place of peace and harmony. Welcome to here and now in My Place.

We hope everyone finds something for themselves that suits their shape, level of advancement and personal preferences. Vinyasa, hatha yoga or yoga for the spine are just a few options of the yoga practice we offer. Our classes are suitable for our guests no matter what age or shape you're in. And after practice we offer coffee, a piece of cake and a moment to relax on our favorite sofa.WELCOME TO MY PLACE


Yoga has been with us for thousands of years. It is an easy and pleasant way to stay happy and healthy. Yoga poses (asanas) help to increase flexibility, lessen or eliminate pain that tends to accompany our lives more often. Due to our sedentary lifestyle, hours spent in the car, taking care of children (which is hard physical work), omnipresent stress and everyday pursuit, we need yoga more than ever.


Yoga is especially beneficial for kids. It is a priceless gift that our children will profit from all their lives. Starting yoga practice at a young age helps adopt good habits and offers an easier start into a more and more demanding grown-up life.



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