My Place Yoga & Mindfulness Rules and Regulations

1. Overall principles

1. This Rules and Regulations specifies the rights and regulations of My Place yoga & mindfulness clients. The school is run by My Place Marek Rosłan, Bruzdowa street, app 140F, ZIP code 02-991, Warszawa, Tax ID number 951-20-65-881. 

2. Every participant is required to read and acknowledge Rules and Regulations before his/her first classes and to follow it. My Place shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the provision of not following Rules and Regulations.   

3. Anyone who accepts the Rules and Regulations, fills the My Place yoga & mindfulness Participant Statement form and makes the payment discussed in part 3 of this document is authorized to to enjoy My Place school 

4. Underage people may participate in the classes only after a signed agreement of the parent or a legal guardian, who have filled the My Place yoga & mindfulness Participant Statement form in the presence of My Place yoga & mindfulness?s employee. 

5. Before the first classes participants are asked to come 15 minutes before the class starts to read the rules, comply with the formalities and to fill the My Place yoga & mindfulness Participant Statement form. Inform the teacher if this are your first classes.  

6. If you suffer from any health condition (chronical or temporary ailments, diseases, injuries), you are menstruating or you are pregnant, please inform the teacher each time. Out of concern for your health you will be instructed on how to exercise without harming yourself. Participants suffering from any condition are obliged to remember and follow teacher's instructions with every repetition. 

7. In My Place we trust each other. If you do not feel l comfortable leaving your valuables unattended you may leave them at the reception point. All lost and found things can be found at the reception point. 

2. Recommendations for participants 

1. Remember to follow all the teacher?s recommendations and comments during the classes.

2. Arrive at least 10 minutes before classes begin. It is enough time to change, comply with the formalities and discuss potential matters with the teacher. In order not to waver the peace and focus during the practice, people arriving late shall not be allowed to join the classes.  

3. Leave your shoes at the entrance. Enter the remaining space wearing changed footwear, socks or barefoot. 

4. Wear comfortable clothes during classes that do not limit your movements e.g. a t-shirt and shorts. We practice barefoot. 

5. Remember not to eat at least 2 hours before classes. Your stomach should be empty, so it is recommended to wait 3-4 hours after a big meal. 

6. Do not exercise after drinking alcohol, taking drugs or strong medicaments. Avoid exercising after leaving sauna, solarium or a long sunbath. 

7. People suffering from profuse sweating are asked to bring their own towels to dry their body. 

8. Turn off your mobile and leave it in the changing room before classes. 

9. You can use mats available at My Place or bring your own and leave it on-site. 

10. People suffering from feet diseases or with wounds are asked to practice on their own mat. 

11. If you feel pain or discomfort stop exercising and inform the teacher. 

12. Keep the space clean and in order. After every practice take the props back from where you took it from. 

13. Look after the space, the props and the equipment as if they were yours and use them as intended. In case of any premeditated devastation you may be held financially responsible.  

14. School?s employee may ask you to present your ID. If you refuse, we may ask you to leave the premises.  

15. It is forbidden to drink alcohol, take drugs, smoke cigarettes or to vape. 

3. Pricing

1. Classes may be attended by people who own a valid pass, purchased single classes ticket or use the privilege described in point 3 below. We ask you to purchase passes and tickets at the reception point before the classes or on in accordance to the pricing table.  

2. Pricing table and up-to-date prices are available on as well as at the school?s reception point. 

3. First classes are free of charge for every participant. You may not enter the classes free of charge again. 

4. 30-day pass is valid for 30 consecutive calendar days when the school operates starting from the date of the first attended classes or the date indicated at the time of purchase.  

5. Unused classes expire when the pass becomes invalid. The pass cannot be extended, passed on to another person and the unused classes are non-refundable.

6. The pass is personalized. It needs to be presented upon the entrance along with the document confirming your identity. 

7. You do not have to register for classes beforehand. Participants are admitted on the first-come basis until the class space is filled.

8. The pass is a confirmation of purchase and allows access to the practice space where the class takes place.

9. Up-to-date schedule is available on Always check the schedule before the classes. The school reserves the right to change the schedule, replace the teacher and cancel the classes due to unusual circumstances. 

10. The price of the pass does not include insurance. 

11. People authorized to enter the classes are allowed to: 

  • use the practice space within the time of classes, use the props designed for practice owned by My Place such as yoga mats, blankets, bolsters, straps and blocks.
  • use mats in the practice space
  • ask the teacher for guidance and instructions

  12. Classes form a whole and every part of the practice is equally important. The sequence starts with introduction and ends with relaxation. Be on time and do not leave before the end otherwise you may hurt yourself or feel discomfort. 

13. My Place shall not be liable for any injuries caused by any exercises not recommended or instructed by the teacher. The participant who exercises like that acknowledges that going against teacher's recommendations and programs may have a negative health effect. A person participates in the classes at their own risk. 

4. Responsibility 

1. The school is not liable to health damage, body injuries, health deterioration, diseases caused by class participation or the use My Place?s equipment if they were used against medical recommendations, earlier diseases, the use of the equipment against its design, exercising against teacher?s recommendations, exercising without a proper warm up, lack of focus or involvement in the classes or any other negligence on the client?s side.  

2. Participants declare there are no medical contra-indications for physical activity and participate in the classes at their own risk. People with health issues should consult a sports medicine doctor and provide medical certification that they are able to participate in classes. In case of withholding health condition information, the client is fully responsible for any damage caused to the school and himself/herself.

5. Final provisions 

1. Rules and Regulations are valid from August 31st, 2019 (31.08.2019) on. 

2. The school reserves the right to change the Rules and regulations. The school will inform about it in writing by announcing them on and leaving a copy of the latest changes at the reception. 

3. All suggestions and complaints shall be sent to 

4. To any matters not mentioned in this Rules and regulations Civil Code regulations shall apply.


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